Discipleship Kits

Church Discipleship Kit Author         Phone #
Western District Church Planters Tool Kit   642-4641
  Faith Sunday School Training Bobby Welch  
  Experiencing God Blackaby  
  Experiencing God Youth Blackaby  
  Making Sense of Your World Hemphill  
  Mormon Puzzle NAMB  
  Thine is the Kingdom Mims  
  Life in the Spirit Robertson McQuilken  
  Fresh Ecounter Blackaby  
  Meeting Needs, Sharing Christ Atkinson  
  Laws of Leadership John Maxwell  
  On Mission Church NAMB  
  Made for Praise (Music for Children) Several Kits  
  Sharing Jesus Without Fear    
Maplewood Jesus on Leadership    642-2022
  Breaking Free Beth Moore  
  The Way of the Master Comfort  
Jones Chapel He Chose the Nails Lucado  642-6271
  God's Story Ann Graham Lotz  
  The Vision of His Glory Ann Graham Lotz  
  Beloved Disciple Beth Moore  
 Springhill  From Heaven's View  T.W. Hunt  642-0681
   Decon's Growing in Grace  Jim Henry  
   Prayer: Does it Make a Difference  Phillip Yancey  
   Beautiful Offering  Angela Thomas  
   How Now Shall We Live  Chuck Colson  
   A Heart Like His  Beth Moore  
   A Women's Heart  Beth Moore  
   To Live is Christ  Beth Moore  
  Share Jesus Without Fear Bill Faye  
   Boundaries with Kids  Henry Cloud